I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot

I am embarking on a year of posting a pic a day, aka a 365.  I have completed two 365’s (2011 and 12) back to back.  After that I decided not to continue, as it is a time consuming hobby, and sometimes very difficult throughout the year.  In fact, it has beent 5 years.  And, yes, I have actually missed going out and then posting a shot every day.  So here I am, starting all over again  As has always been, I would love to hear your critiques of my pictures. It is very important for me to hear what others think I could do to improve my photography. There are times I will post a question about the photo that I hope you can answer. Thank you for following!

A little about me, which will probably explain my description of the photos. I am now in my 21st year as a high school theatre teacher.I also have a Masters in Counseling.  I wear a number of many different hats. I barely have time on most days to breathe, yet when I did my first 365 I found it to be a therapeutic, and doing it now, I still get that feeling.  I have 3 awesome kids. Yes they all have their angsty rebellious moments, I know they feel the same way.  My youngest is graduating this year.  After that, the empty nest syndrome will hit.  So I needed a hobby to help distract me from the loneliness and quiet that will be ever so present with none of them here.  I was diagnosed with testicular cancel in September of 2009.  I fought it, refused to accept it in me, and defended my turf with as much strength one could.  I actually detailed my journey on a different blog, in hopes that it may find that strength and may help to inspire them that giving up is not and should never be an option.  You can actually read the journal here.  Be aware, it starts from my last post and works backwards.  I have yet to figure a way to change it, but you can read it either way. Stage struck 

Other than that, My dogs Gracie (the Golden) and Anastasia (Husky) are the best. Anastasia really is my dog, but Gracie is not forgotten at all.  


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