Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

By: ArtisanX

May 20 2012

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Category: 365, Photography


Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/500 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D
Fire Away

When I thought of the challenge for this week I wanted to find something that really stretched the topic.  The results today, although not really challenging, I think capture a moment of grace that we often overlook.  Its funny how we take our hands for granted.  When you really think about it, there isn’t much attention paid to them at all.  The demands we place on them, in play or at work, are more than any other part.

My daughter had another game today.  We are making up a lot of missed games so I have been using the games as a subject a lot lately.  She pitched today and this was a moment I caught during the game.  I asked her to pick which shot to use and she narrowed it down to two. After comparing, I decided to use this one because I could use the challenge topic with it.  May 20, 2012

5 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands”

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  5. Great photo… love the action shot. 😉

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